Fastway Chicken's menu features our popular fried chicken and potato logs. In the early years the menu was only fried chicken and other chicken related items. One of the first items added to our diverse menu was our now popular fried burrito. Over the years our menu has grown with multiple choices for our customers to choose from. caterers

Delivery by DOORDASH

Phone: (559) 673-2630

Fastway Chicken was founded by Sunny Nishimoto in 1978. Sunny saw a need in our North East Madera neighborhood for an affordable family restaurant. Utilizing his years of knowledge in the Grocery business he saw the popularity of Fried Chicken.


Still in the Nishimoto Family the restaurant is now owned and operated by Wally & Kathy Nishimoto. Wally & Kathy purchased the restaurant from Wally’s father Sunny in 1994. They have dedicated themselves to continuing the affordable meal choices for their neighbors in Madera. To serve their patrons they have built a fantastic team lead by restaurant Manager Marie Jauregui.​

Sunny Nishimoto with daughter-in-law Kathy and Grandson Ryan

749 N D ST Madera, CA 93638


Owner/Operator Wally and Kathy Nishimoto with their kids.